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Are you looking for expat housing for your domestic or international employees? If so, Corporate Booking Desk (powered by Corporate Housing Solutions) can help.

  • We search the entire database of available rental properties – not just our own portfolio – to find the most suitable housing.
  • We draw on our extensive knowledge of the local housing market to find the best property and negotiate the best possible price!
  • Corporate Booking Desk will be the official tenant of the rental property. This means we take on all of the associated risks on behalf of your company or your employees.
  • We also arrange all service contracts, oversee all monthly payments, and maintain contact with all service providers.
  • As a continuous service provider, we remain the single point of contact for the duration of the rental contact. This means we arrange all maintenance and repairs and assist with new requests and inquiries.
  • Our expat housing service takes care of everything to ensure that your employee finds the best property. During the search period, your employee can stay in a fully furnished serviced apartment provided by Residence32 (powered by Corporate Housing Solutions).


  • Corporate Booking Desk enters into a contract with all utility providers for services such as gas, water, light, internet, television, cleaning, and garden maintenance;
  • You enjoy significant discounts thanks to our collective contracts with these service providers;
  • You pay no additional brokerage fees for external rental agents, intermediaries, property managers, lessors, or real estate investors;
  • You pay no deposit, as we bear the costs and the risks;
  • You pay no commission or brokerage fee as we charge an all-in monthly fee;
  • You receive one collective invoice per month.
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 If you need help finding a rental property for an international employee or if you would like more information about our services, contact us. We would be happy to help!

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