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‘Let’s get you comfortable’ is the slogan of Corporate Housing Solutions. We do our utmost to make our guests feel comfortable, not only in their new apartment, but also in their new city.

Via the ‘Explore the City’ menu in our Comfortable Living App, we share information and special deals from numerous local partners with our guests. Appealing deals from local businesses entice our guests to go out and discover everything their new city has to offer.

Along the way, we hope, great new memories and friendships will develop. Curious to find out which restaurants, sport clubs, service providers, and other local partners participate? Check the overview below!


Things to do

Enjoy the various activities and cultural events the city has to offer, go out there and do amazing things!



Moving to another country brings all kinds of challenges and new needs. We hope these service providers might come in handy for you!



Eager to know it all? Read the latest news from the area, get tips on places to go / things to do, or find out how to get started in the Netherlands here!



It is not always easy to develop a new social network when arriving in a new country. Here are some great starting points!



Do you have a love for sports? Discover some of the great sport facilities the area has to offer!