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About us

Let's get you comfortable.

What drives us


The relocation process is a challenging time for most international employees. Juggling the move can quickly become overwhelming. Immediately after landing, international employees are confronted with starting their new job, searching for a new home and building their new lives.

We believe a personal approach by a dedicated guide makes all the difference in how our corporate clients and international employees experience the relocation process, each from their own unique perspective.

It is our mission to provide a comfortable living experience to international employees throughout their stay in the Netherlands.

Through providing short- and long-stay solutions, as well as personal assistance throughout their stay, we ensure an effortless settling-in process.  In doing so, we strive to support our corporate clients by providing corporate housing services at a consistently high level in a cost-efficient and time-saving fashion.

Our approach is built upon the foundation of personal guidance, consistent quality of living, sustainable relationships, and reliability.

Let’s get you comfortable.


Presently, the relocation process is viewed as a segmented one, where short stay accommodations, long stay housing, finance & insurance, health & education, registrations, and social matters are handled separately from one another. Oftentimes multiple service providers are enlisted to assist in these matters, which can make the international employee feel lost in the process.

At Corporate Housing Solutions we believe this process should be approached holistically and personally, throughout all stages of the relocation process. Our approach ensures a soft landing and a comfortable living experience, which is extremely valued service by the international employee.

Providing this added value to the living experience abroad is a unique tool that gives our corporate clients a competitive edge in the war on talent.

Corporate Housing Solutions aims to affect substantial change to the current relocation climate, resulting in comfortable and happy international employees, successful assignments, and corporate clients in the lead in the war on talent.

Corporate Housing Solutions

Corporate Housing Solutions is a one-stop-shop for all corporate housing needs. We offer both short-stay solutions and long-stay solutions to ensure a comfortable living experience throughout each phase of an international employee’s housing journey in the Netherlands.

Our Short Stay Solutions are serviced by Residence32 while our Long Stay solutions are serviced by Corporate Booking Desk. These sister companies work together as one, reside under one roof and share the same trade name: Corporate Housing Solutions.

Residence32 is the preferred housing partner for many of the Brainport region’s largest companies. It provides high-end serviced apartments for our short-stay clients and currently offers more than 150 serviced apartments as part of several unique rental complexes, each with their own distinct features. The serviced apartments vary in size from 50 m2 to 90 m2 ranging between studios, and one or two bedrooms.

Corporate Booking Desk assists in finding permanent housing for our long-stay clients. They are an established name in Eindhoven real estate market, with long-standing relationships with all local real estate agents. Our team of mobility consultants is experienced and excel in finding the perfect home within a short time span. They are specialists in housing and relocation, with a dedication that goes above and beyond expectations. Their commitment to a successful settling-in process and their personal approach makes all the difference to international employees during their relocation journey. Besides housing, they also assist in registration, finance & insurance, health & education, and social matters.

Our team

Mariëtte van Werkum
Reservations & Front Office
Sade Degener
Reservations & Front Office
Monique Tankhounthavong
Reservations & Front Office
Evelyne Maaswinkel
Reservations & Corporate Accounts
Nadia Kleefstra
Housing Adviser
Denny Janssen
Commercial Director
Jessy Couwenberg
Managing Director
Hans van Bussel
Finance & Administration
Jennifer Lazarus
Finance & Administration
Mitchell Treurniet
Our relocators

Our mobility consultants

Our mobility consultants are specialists in relocation, with a dedication that goes above and beyond expectations. Their commitment to a successful settling-in process and their personal approach ensures a smooth relocation journey. Besides housing, our consultants are als happy to assist in all registration, finance & insurance, health & education, and social matters.

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    What they say about us

    Corporate Housing Solutions is a pro-active and customer focused partner to accommodate our business travelers and new hires. A great team with a flexible and open-mind approach.
    - P. Biermans, Global Operational Travel Manager – ASML
    Corporate Housing Solutions takes care of our expats in a personal and friendly way, like it’s their own employee. We’re grateful for the excellent cooperation!
    - Ms. M. Clijnk, Onboarding Specialist – Heliox
    Due to the rapid growth in newly recruited people from all over the world, we were looking for a partner we could trust to take our housing worries off our hands. Speed, quality and flexibility was what we were looking for and Corporate Housing Solutions is making it happen!
    - Mr. I. Munsters, Recruitment Lead – Lightyear (HP)
    Corporate Housing Solutions is always a trustworthy partner we can rely on!
    - Ms. R. van der Biest, Operations Manager – Short Stay Citizens
    Corporate Housing Solutions have been a suitable and supportive property operator since the very beginning of our working relationship for all our Eindhoven requests. They are a formidable team that continually put customer focus and quality at the forefront of their operation and provide a high level of satisfaction to clients.
    - Ms. L. Marchand, Partner Account Manager EMEA – SilverDoor
    We love working with these guys (Corporate Housing Solutions)! Why? Well, the communication is always on point and their offer is more than complete. Everything is always taken care of in fine detail and they’re always happy to think along - which is much appreciated by our team. Looking forward to keep working together in this style.
    - Ms. M. van der Neut, Sales Coordinator – ServicedApartments.nl

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